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ConfidenceLine is a communications program that allows employees, contractors, and shareholders to anonymously report wrongdoing and sensitive issues within the workplace. ConfidenceLine addresses the legislated requirements under Sarbanes-Oxley and Multi-Lateral Instrument 52-110 pertaining to the new Corporate Governance Best Practices requirements governing publicly traded companies.

ConfidenceLine provides an anonymous, secure, and user friendly conduit of information 24/7, either through third party interview or a direct web based correspondence system. Both options are designed to facilitate immediate access. These systems provide invaluable information that ensures all levels of an organization remain connected.

ConfidenceLine provides flexibility to assist all types of industries and businesses, including government and non-profit organizations, develop programs that fit their individual needs in dealing with ethics, safety, and workplace compliance issues.

More than just a whistleblower service:

ConfidenceLine is recognized as the pioneer of 'whistleblower' ethics reporting systems in Canada. With national alliances and global capabilities, we have been providing communication tools and workplace reporting programs since 1992.

ConfidenceLine is owned and operated by Xpera HRservices, a subsidiary of SCM Insurance Services, and a division to one of Canada's leading risk mitigation, investigations, and security consulting firms. This affiliation allows ConfidenceLine to offer yet another component that few others can--the ability to provide immediate solutions that deal with urgent or sensitive issues should they arise. It is a priority of ConfidenceLine to ensure privacy and security regarding all reporting and access systems.


Phone Reporting Service Process

The company designate communicates directly through the 2-way messaging feature provided within the web application, and can relay any further questions, instruction or communication required to the employee.

The web application allows for confidential storage of investigation notes for client purposes only.

E-Web Reporting Service

ConfidenceLine offers a secure, online reporting process that allows for direct and confidential communication between the reporter and their employer. This communication tool permits the employee to anonymously log on to ConfidenceLine from a designated domain and communicate any concerns via a secure web reporting system.

The program easily leads the employee through the process, first asking them to choose a topic, then guiding them through a series of questions relating to their concern. The employee is issued a user name and create a personal password to protect their identity. This password permits them to log back in at a later date to see if the company requires further information regarding the issue, or to receive an update on their report. If required, communication can be scheduled in a chat room forum, whereby the company designate, and the reporter can communicate in real time.

This form of communication is directly linked with the company's appointed designate only. It provides an alternative to employees when they feel disclosure to a third party may not be ideal.

Enhanced Service

Our Enhanced program provides optimum access to employees by combining the 1-800 call center service with the E-Web reporting system.

The combination of these services support organizations when demonstrating their commitment to employees by ensuring that every person has a choice of access to the service that facilitates their individual needs.

The Enhanced model is about options and flexibility and is provided at a nominal fee as described in the pricing quote provided.

Added Value

In an organization, your employees are your largest asset. Xpera supports you in maximizing the return on your investment while helping to mitigate workplace risks. We provide support and consultation to Human Resource professionals in a wide variety of industries. Our tailored solutions assist in minimizing loss and increasing human safety to enable our clients to function at their fullest potential.

Specialities Include:

Pre Employment Screening:
Screening is an essential component in today’s recruitment process, it allows you to make an informed hiring decision. We provide comprehensive searches on individuals prior to employment to take the guesswork out of hiring.
Integrity Assessments:
Xpera HRservices uses Sigma Assessment products to help companies hire and retain employees most suitable for the job. Assessments provide a consistent standard of hiring and an objective means by which the most qualified candidates are selected.

Visit xpera.ca for complete details

Our Team

Nicole Weir

Manager, Client Services

Nicole manages the ConfidenceLine team, oversees day-to-day operations, and serves as primary client contact throughout the account onboarding and implementation process.

She guides clients through the ConfidenceLine process, builds long-term, trusted relationships and ensures an exemplary client experience. In addition, Nicole delivers demonstration webinars for the ConfidenceLine software platform.

Heidi Tiessen

Client Service Representative

Heidi assists with both client and reporter inquiries, as well as completing day-to-day responsibilities associated with the ConfidenceLine program.

She ensures the timely and successful delivery of our solutions. Thanks to her comprehensive knowledge of the program, Heidi helps our clients enjoy a seamless experience.

Rowan Dalkin

Client Service Representative

Rowan assists with both client and reporter inquiries, as well as completing day to day responsibilities associated with the ConfidenceLine program.

Rowan is also our ConfidenceLine French language liaison, working with clients across the country in all regions to implement the ConfidenceLine program.


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